Monday, April 19, 2010

Visit from Adventist World Church President

We were privileged to host a visit from Dr. Jan Paulsen president of the Seventh Day Adventist world church on Sabbath April 17th.

Dr. Jan Paulsen flanked by Dr. Archer - Medical Director and Madame Emily Clotaire - Executive Director HAH, along with national leaders of the Adventist Church in Haiti and others.

From its inception, the Adventist church has been intentional to articulate and practice its mission by communicating the message of the gospel throughout the world. The 15 million member world church continues to support one of the largest systems of mission hospitals and educational institutions in the world.

Pathfinders in front of Haitian police vehicle provide secret service security for the president. The Pathfinders are a worldwide club of Adventist young people involved in service and achievement with some similarities to the Boy Scouts.

The "MASH" vehicle provides transport for the Elder Paulsen's motorcade.

Today, the church operates approximately 175 Adventist hospitals of which about 95 are in developing countries. Loma Linda University in southern California, once called the College of Medical Evangelists, is one of 3 medical schools operated by the Adventist church and was established for the purpose of training physicians to serve in medical ministry around the world. Adventists believe that Christian life includes both spiritual and physical health, thus their involvement in promotion of health and wholeness. Seventh-day Adventists are involved in providing betterment for all human beings and especially reaching out to provide practical help to those affected by disaster as well as others that are underserved and underprivileged.

Loma Linda University Medical Center, Loma Linda CA. "To Make Man Whole"