Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Another Day

The Supreme Master send off: Last evening Franz expressed gratitude on SUPREME MASTER TV.COM for the send off of the members of the Supreme Master of Ching Hai International Association. They have been providing over 3000 vegan meals everyday for the last 3 months at our hospital. This was followed by an educational session about the Supreme Master. See http://www.godsdirectcontact.com for more information. Aside from the avoidance of killing cockroaches and a daily 2 and a half hour meditation most Seventh Day Adventists could meet the master's criteria for healthy living, ecological awareness, and avoidance of harmful substances without undue difficulty.

New wheelchairs: Haiti is mobilized by Fundacion HHS (www.funacionhhs.org) who delivered more than 50 wheelchairs to our patients and injured residents living in tents. Thank you.

Nurses Training Session: The new Haitian ortho team learns how to assemble the Synthes cordless drill and load drill bits (L to R is Lilian, Bonhomme, Julie, and Cyril)

A patient waiting outside ortho clinic

Water filtration system: Two motorcycles power the 12v power supply needed for the drinking water filtration system donated by Global Medic. They produce more that 20 bottles (5 gallons ea) of drinking water for the staff and patients

11pm in the kitchen: With the exit of the Supreme Masters the deficiencies of our kitchen, crew and food budget became more evident. Brooke our director of nursing along with 3 physical therapists and some Haitian volunteers finished off their night scrubbing the kitchen.