Sunday, March 23, 2014

Renovation Update 23 March 2014

Major changes are taking place at HAH with renovation of the operating room suite and installation of a new laboratory.  I travelled this past weekend with Ken Breyer, Assistant VP for Construction and Planning at LLU to assess the progress of the project.  We arrived at 9 am on Friday morning after an all night voyage from Los Angeles.  The progress that has been made is remarkable and the quality of workmanship is impressive.  We spent the entire day going over each detail of the plans with the construction foreman.   A multi faceted team coordinated by Ken has lent expertise in the design and engineering of every detail.  Although the complexity of the project has progressively increased, as well as the time and resources required to complete it; the final results will be worth the extra efforts.

Originally I had envisioned moving a wall or two, repainting and resurfacing the floor.  With the intention to create a first rate facility some additional expertise was consulted and it became evident that a more sophisticated plan would be worthwhile.  Additional storage, larger operating rooms, replacement of entire electrical system, too much to list new pieces of equipment, HVAC design with positive pressure airflow, plumbing changes, new lighting, shelving, new doors, central distribution of medical gases and other details have been added.

Francel and the workers have created a provisional OR suite in the previous emergency room which is quite adequate to handle a variety of cases.

Volunteer surgical teams are anxious to know when the project will be completed.  I won’t guarantee any completion dates but the first construction phase will likely be wrapping up in about one month.  At least two months will be required for the remaining acquisition and shipping of equipment in a container from Loma Linda.  Installation of fixtures, furnishings and special equipment will then likely require another two months.  Best case scenario currently puts us well into July.

Pictured below is a photographic update the progress.

Front Entrance - Desk will be resurfaced and modified
Main hallway inside OR suite - all flooring removed
Ken in front of existing OR 2.  OR 1 on the R is being renamed OR 3
Pile of rubble from tile removal with 8 inches of lime rock
The new OR 1 (was old small OR on the L, now twice as big)
OR 2 showing removal of med room in between OR's
OR 3 also bigger without intervening med room
Ken going over details with foreman Alfredo

Enlarged storage room (only partially shown)
Break room/Kitchen

Workers take a break
Corbels with rebar designed to withstand major quake
View down hallway from near scrub sinks
Central sterilization
Recovery room (inside OR suite)

Provisional OR - central sterile
Provisional OR
Additional provisional OR

Laboratory area under renovation.