Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Liala (Italy) and Sherry (Texas) program the VAC machine, an advanced wound healing device for difficult open injuries. Working with Handicap International and CBM they have been providing excellent physical therapy for our patients. According to their report we are operating the largest orthopaedic reconstructive surgery service of all the major hospitals in Port au Prince. They are currently seeing 58 patients per day who are admitted or reside in tents on our property. Although our surgical numbers have continued to rise, the onsite therapy census has decreased from over 150 patients several weeks ago. This is due to the relocation of many patients who were living in tents in front of the hospital. We also have 35 amputees on site, many of whom have already received prosthesis thanks to our partnership with HI/CBM.

Our Haitian nurses check out medications from our newly relocated pharmacy. Reintegration is a high priority for all of us as we work towards a sustainable future.

Grigoriy (Loma Linda University MS3) transports patient for surgery with Haitian translator

Dan and Marilyn Patchin (Portland, OR) stand amongst supply boxes that they organized over the last 6 weeks. Dan is a retired OB/Gyn and they did an amazing job of organizing, distributing, and training local personnel to help us use our donations more efficiently.