Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Ideal Resident

Dr. Hasan at 5:55 am waiting to start rounds with updated patient lists for every member of the team.

Unfortunately Hasan Syed PGY5 just left this morning. Future residents will have a tough act to follow. He routinely arises before 5 am for morning prayers after which time he updates the patient census which now has 33 orthopaedic inpatients on it. We are privileged to have a hospitalist, pharmacist, and wound care nurse accompany us on rounds this week. Once rounds are done the ideal resident keeps a written list of all details to be attended to during the day. Clinics begin, the OR begins and he never sits down. Duties of residents (and myself) often include patient transport, mopping OR floors, writing op notes, post op plans & orders, being a cast tech, washing & organizing instruments, and reading up for difficult cases.