Tuesday, March 16, 2010

CURE Nurses

Since our entry into Haiti on January 14 our CURE Dominicana nurses have played a vital role in the CURE relief efforts in Haiti. These nurses are a very special group of dedicated people that have a wide variety of skills. In North America our nurses are much more specialized and typically a scrub nurse does not necessarily know about central supply organization, sterilization processes, or how to take care of pre and post op patients. These Dominican nurses don’t even require union mandated coffee breaks, overtime pay, or political correctness. They typically take up nicknames amongst each other describing various physical characteristics like old, young, fat, skinny, black, brown, or ugly. Whether complementary or derogatory they all indicate endearment.

Their sacrifices and hard work should be truly commended. We entered an environment with no infrastructure, no equipment, and an overwhelming workload. While caring for the patients in a variety of ways, these nurses found time in between cases to assemble instrument trays, mop floors, wash instruments, and organize the storage room amongst many other things. Many caring nurses have come and gone and their work has not been unappreciated but special recognition is warranted to these CURE nurses who have been here with me since day 2 after the earthquake working day and night. Those who have seen them in action can truly appreciate this.

Lucia AKA "Vieja"