Monday, October 27, 2008

Depuy Spine USA

Alam 17, Maryfel 16, Damaris 10, Mario 20, William 17, Roselbia 17, Ana 12, Emelyn 16, Franklin 17, Massiel 15, Dariana 16, Pamela 21, Yanil 15, Juleisy 15, Mideline 18, Wilson 19, Phillip 15, Ana 16, Eunice 17, Lusahidily 12, Mercedes 37, Flor 20, Cynthia 16, Yesica 17, Jose 16, Sheryll 14, Yerolanny 17, Youseline 12, Miguel 17, Esteanny 14, Winifer 12, Andritson 16, Alberto 42, Felix 18, Victor 20, Jose 18, Ruth 13, Miranda 16, Daysi 37, Gernelys 14, Santa 17, Perla 11.

42 patients

4 trips

18 months

On behalf of CURE and the patients we serve I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Depuy Spine on the behalf of the 42 patients that have had life changing surgery because of their generous support. Only 18 months after their first visit they have sponsored a total of 4 trips, inspiring many, educating, forming relationships and changing lives. At CURE we are all about giving our patients loving state of the art care and providing long term follow up for those that we treat making it possible to safely do such complex operations in the developing world.

Todd Spiegel of Depuy Spine and Dr. Howard Place and team from St. Louis University have repeatedly devoted their personal time and expertise to make these last 4 trips possible. Their sincerity and commitment to these children and to our hospital has enabled unparalleled care. Since this October 6-10 trip - Omar 16, Abigail 11, Orlando 18, and Katherin 15 have already been added to our waiting list for scoliosis surgery. We will hopefully be setting dates soon for a return trip.

Esteanny 14 and Andritson 16 @ 2 week post op visit

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